• Jinjiang Convention and Exhibition Center

    Consortium model

      Jinjiang Convention and Exhibition Center is the first PPP project in China. It is also the first PPP project to win the bid of the Group. It is jointly invested and constructed by Longyuan Group and Operator Hong Kong Bike Global International Service Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 971.4 million yuan. It can provide 1948 indoor exhibition booths, 500 outdoor exhibition booths, 5,000 meeting spaces and nearly 1,000 parking spaces.

    • Lehuo Island, Xiamen

      Consortium model

        The project is located on the south coast of Haicang Malong Bay and north of Haicang Xinyang Industrial Zone. This project includes 319,700 square meters of sponge city renovation of Changgeng Hospital, 1026.23m of Xinyubei Road (renovation), 553.38m of Changle Road (renovation) in Changgeng Hospital, and the construction project of road sponge city (including online monitoring system procurement). Through rainwater reuse system, pervious pavement, concave green space, rainwater garden, constructed wetland, grass planting ditch, preliminary filtration and purification facilities, depolluted rainwater outlet, open side rocks, overflow wells, seepage ditches and so on, the primary rainwater purification and rainwater runoff control are realized. The annual total runoff control rate reached 72%, and the annual runoff pollutant reduction rate reached 35%.

        The project is operated in PPP mode. The project is co-organized by social capital: Shanghai Xiba Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Urban Construction and Design General Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. and government investor representatives: Xiamen Haicang Land Development Co., Ltd. and the project company. The project is surveyed and designed, invested and financed, constructed and operated to provide public goods and supporting public services.