Continue to achieve excellence! The Longyuan Old Ximen New Garden project has won three "Magnolia" awards

Time : 2023-10-07

&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; Recently, the Shanghai Construction Industry Association announced the list of awards for the 2022 Shanghai Magnolia High Quality Construction Project. The 4 #, 5 #, and 6 # buildings of the Old Ximen Xinyuan B District project undertaken by Longyuan Group won three "Magnolia" awards& Nbsp;

Old Ximen New Garden Project;

&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; The Old Ximen Xinyuan project is a high-end boutique residential building project located east and south of Zhaozhou Road, west of Tibet South Road, and north of Jianguo New Road in Laoximen Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai. The total construction area is 96828.2 square meters, and there are two underground floors. Among them, the 14 floors above ground of Building 4 and the 31 floors above ground of Building 5~6 are high-rise single residential buildings. The main structure is an integral prefabricated shear wall structure, and the external walls are made of dry hanging stone curtain walls Partial use of imitation stone paint combined with aluminum panels, the entire facade has clear layers and a strong overall sense, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of the facade& Nbsp;

&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; During the construction of the project, the template first system is strictly followed, and the quality of each construction process is controlled. The roof tiles are flat and firm, the drainage is smooth, and the arrangement is neat and beautiful. Ensure uniform installation elevation of switches and sockets in the installation project; The installation of lighting fixtures is consistent in both vertical and horizontal directions; The layout of fire hydrant pipes and sprinkler pipes is reasonable and neat, with unified supports and straight inlet and outlet directions. The flow direction and color code of the pipes are eye-catching. After the completion of the project, it received unanimous praise from both the owner and the user& Nbsp;

&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; The "fate" of the "Magnolia" award between the Old Ximen plot and Longyuan is profound: previously, the Old Ximen Zhonghua New City project (also known as Fuxing Longyu), which was also located on the same plot, won a total of 8 "Magnolia" awards, with the southern plot being the 2018 Excellent Magnolia Observation Project (only 2 projects in the city were awarded). The project manager of Old Ximen Xinyuan and Old Ximen Zhonghua New City, as well as the general manager of the Group's Eighth Construction Company, Sun Fanglin Longyuan, was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Individual in Creating the Shanghai Construction Engineering Magnolia Award" in 2019& Nbsp;

Long Yuan and the "Magnolia Award"

&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; The "Magnolia Award" is the highest honor award for engineering quality in the Shanghai construction industry. Since winning the predecessor of the Magnolia Award and the 1988 Shanghai Construction Engineering "Xiaoluban Award", Longyuan Group has created over 500 provincial-level and above high-quality engineering awards. As of now, the group has won 113 Shanghai "Magnolia" awards. The award-winning projects include Shanghai Yongda Building, Dahua Clear Water Bay, Old Ximen Zhonghua New City, Shanghai Xijiao Peninsula, Shanghai Fudan University Academic Exchange Center, etc. At the 30th anniversary commemoration conference of the Shanghai Construction Engineering Magnolia Award held in 2019, Longyuan Group was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Unit for Creating the Shanghai Construction Engineering Magnolia Award".