Strong cooperation: Hangzhou Jiaotou Group and Longyuan Group sign a strategic cooperation agreement

Time : 2023-06-28

On June 27th, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Hangzhou Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of Longyuan Group. Zhang Shunnian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hangzhou Jiaotou Group, Li Zhonghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Chairman, General Manager, and members of the leadership team, Lai Zhenyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Founder of Longyuan Group, Lai Chaohui, Chairman and President, and senior executives of the group, as well as more than 30 relevant securities firms and law firms, attended the ceremony.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, Hangzhou Jiaotou Group will inject funds into Longyuan Group through targeted issuance1.849 billion yuan, further enhancing the company's capital strength, and using Longyuan Group as the main operating platform for engineering construction business, we will focus on increasing infrastructure project investment, construction, and operation business, and strengthening related main businesses such as general contracting of construction projects and green buildings. Hangzhou Communications Investment Group will give full play to its driving effect in regional urban development and high-speed rail new city construction projects, as well as the resource advantages of state-owned enterprises in Hangzhou, help Longyuan Group to deepen its market in the Yangtze River Delta region, improve its market share in the Yangtze River Delta region, and focus on infrastructure construction to strengthen, extend and supplement the chain, so as to build the Group into a domestic housing construction, Transportation engineering, municipal engineering A comprehensive infrastructure engineering general contractor and urban operator with leading revenue scale and project implementation capabilities in the fields of water conservancy and environment, effectively promoting the development of the group's related industries to a new level& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp;

At the signing ceremony, Zhang Shunnian, Chairman of Hangzhou Jiaotou Group, stated that Longyuan's over 40 years of development have reflected the vigorous vitality of private enterprises. The company has been deeply involved in the main track of urban development for many years, and has a high degree of compatibility and complementarity with Hangzhou Jiaotou Group in terms of business. He emphasized that this cooperation with Longyuan Group is a new achievement in deepening the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, and has received high attention from the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government. I believe that after cooperation, both parties can achieve complementary advantages, resource integration, strong alliance, and jointly achieve a new vision of development.

Lai Zhenyuan, the founder of Longyuan Group, stated that Longyuan has always had a deep friendship with Hangzhou. Joining hands with Hangzhou Jiaotou Group this time is a very meaningful thing, and he hopes that Hangzhou Jiaotou Group can provide more support and guidance to the enterprise. Lai Chaohui, Chairman of Longyuan Group, expressed gratitude to Hangzhou Jiaotou Group for its long-term attention, continuous trust, and full understanding. As for the new journey of cooperation that is about to start, he said that in the future, both sides will give full play to their respective professional advantages, work together in optimizing industrial layout, expanding emerging fields, improving capital efficiency and other fields to glow new vitality, and jointly build a beautiful Shinshiro.

Both sides unanimously believe that there is broad development space for investment and construction in infrastructure fields such as transportation, housing, water conservancy, and green building. They have decided to work closely together and actively respond to the stateThe "dual carbon" strategy aims to jointly build a new pattern of urban green development. Hangzhou Jiaotou Group is a backbone enterprise in the investment and development of transportation and other infrastructure within the province, with strong capital strength, extensive market network, and rich project resources. Longyuan Group has introduced Hangzhou Jiaotou Group as its controlling shareholder, working together to embark on a path of innovative development.

After the completion of the stock issuance to specific targets, Longyuan Group, as a state-owned holding company, will further actively respond to the national green development strategy, accelerate the research and application of the group's green building products, and strive to make the group a leading domestic company withA leading enterprise in BIPV research and development, manufacturing, and delivery of low energy building systems.